Tuesday, 24 November 2009

I'm just wild about Harrrryyy....

One of the hacked/leaked/lost files from the Climate Research Unit is one called HARRY_READ_ME.txt

It opens with this line:

READ ME for Harry's work on the CRU TS2.1/3.0 datasets, 2006-2009!

Note the exclamation mark (!).

Even for non programmers like me it provides some mild chuckle moments as you scan down the code and comments as the programmer codes their building exasperation into posterity via comment lines, like this:

As a glutton for punishment I then looked at the tmin/tmax db format. Looks like two extra fields (i6,i7) with mvcs of 999999 and 8888888 respectively. However *sigh* inspection reveals the following two possibilities:

It makes you wonder who Harry is, as I came to pity him so. Maybe this is him?

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