Monday, 5 July 2010

How regulation kills our quality of life

I enjoy listening to music on the bus on the way to work. So I bought myself a new iPod. A great little piece of technology (except for Apple's anti-competitive business model). I have found out after buying it is is useless for listening to music on the bus because you can't hear over the ambient noise of engine, wind, tyres etc.

I initially thought there might be a fault with it, but to my dismay I found out that those useless drains of the taxpayers' pocket, the European Commissioners and Parliament, decreed regulations that set the maximum volume output for such devices.

What a piece of life diminishing regulation, proposed and decreed by buffoons looking for things to do. iPods have always had a volume limiter you could set so that you didn't inadvertently turn the thing up too loud. But apparently, the people eating the cake are to be directed and told what to do, so a permanent limit needs to be set by the manufacturer.

Thank you, stupid, idiotic, moronic, manipulating, parasitic, tax stealing politician and bureaucratic apparatchik. You have wasted €150 of my money, which I have blown on a device that can't do what I, reasonably, want it to do - let me listen to music on the bus.

The industrialised world is truly killing itself cut by cut.


What Goes Up... said...

The Eurocrat doth taketh away - but the hacker doth returneth:

Geckko said...

Thanks for the tip.

Unfortunately, this is a much more secure lock down than that.

There doesn't appear to be any user option to get around this.

Anonymous said...

Stop using the crap earphones that Apple supply and instead buy a pair of good noise canceling in ear headphones, you'll be blissfully isolated from the masses. These are good