Thursday, 23 September 2010

Irish politicians handy policy check list

I thought I would post a handy reference guide to some of the things I think will range from being simply useless to downright dangerous as the government and assorted politicians strive to save their skins and make people believe the fantasy that they "manage the economy" (of course "the economy" just is - they can only meddle with it for better or worse).

A starter list of things for politicians not to do (as the verbiage continues this might build):

  • boost consumer confidence
  • restore foreign confidence
  • just about anything to do with "confidence" basically
  • training schemes
  • job "creation" schemes
  • just about any hairbrained scheme where the objective is to "create" jobs
  • "knowledge economy" strategy
  • "innovation hub" strategy
  • "global education centre" strategy
  • just about any type of "strategy" - meaning in truth industrial policy

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