Friday, 11 September 2009

Climate change madness

In the mad rush to avert that non-problem that is dangerous (man-made) climate change, we are told we need to pass laws, regulate and spend lots of taxpayers' money (glibbly taken by voracious government) to force the production of "renewable" energy sources. Stuff like wind, solar etc.

Of course the problem is the technology just isn't commercially viable yet. We would either have to pay a lot lot more for the power we use for transport, light and heat etc (especially nuclear, solar). or we would simply layer a another sum of capacity on top of fossil fuel (especially wind) because it won't be dependable enough to meet demand on it own.

If you dispute this, look at that paragon of sustainable energy, Denmark. After pouring a massive amount of taxpayers money into subsidised wind turbine production it finds it has to draw on foreign electricity production and charge the highest prices for electricity in Europe.

Compare Ireland - hardly a low cost electricity model. We pay more than twice as much as Americans and three times as much as Australians and Canadians. Consumers price is around 15 cents per kilowatt.

with Denmark, with its mass of windfarms consumers pay 24 cents per kilowatt.

I don't want to pay that. Irish electricity is too expensive as it is. But if individuals don't stand up to this madness that has captured the political agenda globally, that is what you face for no practical gain.

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Fungus FitzJuggler III said...

Well said but who is listening?
The broadcasting of propaganda by the mainstream media 8/11 was the work of Bin Laden and they had 19 passports miraculously surviving the WTC inferno!
People are sheep. Take your own steps to avoid this nonsense. I left to go to Australia. They believe they can stave off the depression by giving 69% of the population $900. At least they did not waste it on "banks"