Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The next religious war

It is embarrassing to admit that this bloke is Australian. The stereotypical national character (perhaps self delusional) is of a skeptical, bordering cynical, nature. A person most likely to take a pause, look through the bullshit and call a spade a bloody spade; most usually to end in the appraisal of most situations with an assessment of "no worries".

I hope that strength of character isn't dead, because the country has bred the Flannery, a pale imitation of an Australian. A panicky scare monger who now foresees war, yes war, if countries don't toe his preferred line. That preferred line is a halt in the generation of income, goods and services as a way of stopping the production of a natural trace gas that is the very base of the food chain on this planet.

The only reason a war could come of this is over attitudes like Flannery's themselves. A self-fulfilling war arising out of demands by one group of people that everyone else adheres strictly to a set of punative and inequitable ideological principles and rules. Yes, we have been there before. This is just the threat of another religious war.

A note to Mr Flannery. I believe nothing good ever came from wilful subjugation. I will not bow to your destructive religious crusade and I doubt I am alone.

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