Monday, 18 October 2010

Damien Kiberd ... aaaahhhhh!!!!!

Another Sunday, another self inflicted hair loss. To be honest, it is my own stupid fault. Why can't I resist passing over Damien Kiberd's weekly rantings of ignorance in the Sunday Times.

How this man, who by all appearances is just some chancing journo, equally qualified to be writing about this season's womens' Autumn fashions as economics or finance continues to get access to national media is the comic indictment of ongoing economic failings of Ireland. Idiots in charge at all levels.

In his latest rantings Kiberd keeps beating his drum about "confidence" and "consumer spending". He goes so far to advocate an extension of the car scrappage scheme because it would "increase tax revenues". Words fail me how stupid and dangerous this man is with regard to issues concerning the economy and our future welfare.

Ireland as an entity - that means Irish people in aggregate - has consumed far far far too much. We have consumed everything we have and everything we will manage to earn over the next couple of decades. This goes for the government who has done the same on our (taxpayers) behalf. Kiberd is saying that we should build an even larger stock of personal debt and/or spend savings in order to hand money over to a government who needs to cut spending.

I imagine Kiberd would probably retort something along the lines of "well, at least everyone will have a nice shiny car in the driveway". Yeah, brilliant Damien. We can park them in one of the numerous shiny new housing estates that lie empty around the country. Don't think for a moment Damo that we forget your enthusiasm for the property boom, right up to the point the bubble imploded. Why, I believe you are in print claiming Ireland would be suffering a severe housing supply shortage in 2008. Unbelievable.

This man is worse than a fool (someone who speaks beyond their capacity), his media prominence on both radio and print make him a dangerous one.


xman said...

What about Coleman? He reckons he saved himself money by buying a house in Dublin at the peak of the bubble in 2006 rather than spending "dead money" on renting one instead. No figures to back this up obviously. Another "confidence" man.

Geckko said...

I can't disagree. It certainly is tight at the top of the Irish "prominent economist" league table.

Fungus FitzJuggler III said...


The Kiberd at TCD was Declan. A smart cookie. This one is out to make as much as he can. The msm depend upon advertizing revenue and that comes with consumerism!!!!


Chris said...

Hi Geckko, you are a bit simplistic, suggesting that an extension of the car scrappage scheme means that everyone needs to borrow to buy a car especially when deposits are increasing.