Wednesday, 13 October 2010

"Equality"? Give me a break

The World Economic Forum is probably the most absurd "economic" organisations in the world. Famed for its ludicrous "competitiveness reports", it also produces other useless and complete harebrained "reports, like the "gender gap index".

The complete absurdity and nonsense of this type of work is apparent in its own methodology.

For example, Ireland demonstrates comparable "inequality" because men have a life expectancy of only 96% of that of women. The longer women live relative to men the more "equal society is apparently. So imagine if we could produce some "gender equality" policies that shifted this 96% figure to 90% or even 50% - hey that would probably generate a boost to the aggregate "equality" ranking.

The same absurdity appears in all the other comparable scores the boost the supposed "gender" equality as women increasingly dominate outcomes for men in education, representation in professional classes etc.

Next look at the male/female birth ratio. As pure statistical indicator, a low female to male birth ratio is in fact a boon to women - as China is now finding out. Women have complete control of the partner selection process. Men are increasingly left into the middle ages at the fringes of society. Perversely, this supposed "inequality" towards women is in fact leaving men not women disadvantaged in Chinese society.

I don't think I will bother with this report.

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