Wednesday, 24 November 2010

End game approaching for Ireland - what to do?

Does anyone have a plan to get Ireland out of this financial quicksand that is sucking the country under as we try and stop anybody (except taxpayers) losing money on our failed banks?

Well, yes. Here is one I made earlier - over one year earlier:

But it doesn't have to be that way. The guarantee expires next year. The government can effectively renege by threatening to string out affairs until its expiry. This can be used as leverage to force the reconstitution of the banks balance sheets by wiping out current shareholders and doing debt-equity swaps on some bond holders to reestablish the banks.

If the shortfalls are too large the government could then force the banks to be declared insolvent and nationalise them on the basis that they tale only those liabilities they are required to - effectively deposits and secured creditors/bondholders. Then use taxpayers' funds if necessary to restore tier 1 capital. Only that way could you ensure that the burden on the taxpayer is kept to a minimum.

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