Thursday, 18 November 2010

Fun with numbers - today's fun fact

Want a fun number fact?


The current amount of "Repo" lending to Irish credit instutions as a percentage of our annual GNP. For those who don't understand jargon, that is probably a bit like going down to the pawn shop to borrow over half your annual income in order to buy this week's groceries down at Dunnes.

Stay tuned for another fun number fact tomorrow.


yoganmahew said...

Not sure your numbers aren't out of date.

90 bn in ECB repo
20 bn in emergency repo at Irish NCB
14.5 bn in Anglo MLRA
20 bn in Irish sovereigns bought by ECB (okay, not strictly repo, but is there a difference?)

GNP at end 2009 was about 130 bn?
Total of above 144.5 bn...

Geckko said...

Yes, there are some bigger numbers floating around depending on what you put in and leave out.

I was referring to the sums specifically identified by the Central Bank as "borrowing relating to monetary policy operations".